How Does Therapy Work?

Together we sort out your thoughts and feelings. I help people manage their stress and make sense of what they are going through, by giving feedback – ideas that I sense may be helpful to you, as you talk about your life. My interpretation may seem right or wrong and hopefully you’ll be able to tell me, if it doesn’t seem right. Over time in a good psychotherapy relationship, you should feel deeply understood. Often people are not aware of attitudes and feelings, which have led to problems in living. As these are worked through in therapy, hopefully clients can make some changes and lead happier lives.

How long does therapy take?  Everyone wants to feel better quickly. Sometimes change can happen fast, or it can take awhile.   This is partly because it is common for people to want to hang on to what is familiar.

Dale’s Practice

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I have offices in North Toronto and Pickering and am currently accepting new clients. Please call 416.488.0316 to book an appointment. (No drop in service available.)

3335 Yonge Street, Ste. 400
near Yonge/Lawrence subway

Steeple Hill Medical Centre
650 Kingston Rd. Ste. 205
west of Whites Rd. near Hwy 401